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Neal Goldberg graduated from the University of Miami’s School of Medicine in 1995 and has been practicing sports orthopedics rehabilitation since then. With a keen eye for structure and mechanics, and a hand for sensing tissue integrity Neal has been specializing in biomechanical rehabilitation for the past two decades. Focusing on bony alignment, tissue balance and strength, Neal has been successful in treating injured athletes and non-athletes alike.


Neal is a former competitive cyclist, swimmer, and an avid skier. He started road racing in 1990 and competing in triathlons while in Miami in 1993. His triathlon resume includes countless olympic and half ironman races, as well as Ironman Canada in 2007, 2008, 2009 and Challenge Penticton in 2013. 


Neal has also been a ski patroller in Lake Tahoe and Virginia (yes, Virginia). Additionally, Neal has a long history playing soccer and works with ultra distance runners. Combining his experiences and passion for sports, Neal has been able to develop activity specific rehab programs for his patients.

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